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Overview of Utah State Bar Admissions


Applicants for the February 2013 Bar exam should be aware that if they want to be admitted at the May Licensing Ceremony their last opportunity to sit for the MPRE is in November 2012.
The scores from the Spring 2013 MPRE will not be released in time to satisfy the requirements before the May ceremony.  Please visit for registration information.

Next Bar Exam: July 2013
(Please check below for filing deadlines)

Contact us:

Welcome to the Utah State Bar Office of Admissions. The Office of Bar Admissions administers the design and grading of the bar exam, processes applications, and coordinates the character and fitness reviews of all applicants. The Office of Bar Admissions is also responsible for managing the Admission by Motion and House Counsel admission process for attorneys that meet the required standards for that type of admission.

There are two bar exams each year, in February and July. Admissions requirements are described in detail in the Rules Governing Admission to the Utah State Bar.

The February 2013 Bar Examination will be on the 26th and 27th.

The July 2013 Bar Examination will be on the 30th and 31st.


NOTICE: It may take 12 weeks or longer to obtain all required documents for this application. Please plan accordingly in order to meet the filing deadline.


  • Application filing deadline date - October 1
  • Late filing deadline date - October 15 (include a $100 late fee)
  • Final filing deadline date - November 1 (include a $300 late fee
Applications for the February Bar will not be accepted before September 1.


  • Application filing deadline date - March 1
  • Late filing deadline date - March 15 (include a $100 late fee)
  • Final filing deadline date - April 1 (include a $300 late fee)
Applications for the July Bar will not be accepted before February 1.  

Applications for Admission by Motion can be submitted at any time. However, admission to the Utah State Bar is limited to three motions for admission per year; February, May and October. It may take 12 weeks or longer to obtain all required documents for this application. In addition, please allow for a minimum of 4-6 months for the Bar to process your completed application.


The Utah Supreme Court has approved the adoption of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE), effective February, 2013.  The application forms have now been updated to reflect these changes.  The old application forms will still be accepted for those applying to take the February 2013 examination.

For more information on the Admissions process you may visit any of the resources listed to the side or you may contact the Office of Admissions by calling (801) 257-5518 or by e-mail sent to


ExamSoft Laptop Information – Embedded Web

Applicants may use their own Windows or Mac laptops to complete their essay responses during the examination. To provide for fairness to all applicants, reliable capture and delivery of applicant answer records and ease of use, special software must be used. The software, known as SofTest, is provided by ExamSoft, which has serviced high stakes exams for many years. If you indicate that you would like to use your laptop, you will receive instructions on how to simply and easily install and use the software. You may wish to know:
  • Answers may be typed in a format that resembles common word-processors, including underline, bold, italics, center, justify, variable indent, etc.
  • Answer responses are automatically saved and backed up very frequently (via a multilayer backup process) to promote data integrity
  • Files are downloaded and uploaded before and after the exam, but Internet connectivity (and access to all other programs or files) is disabled during the exam
  • NEW! Video Demos are available for Bar Applicants, detailing the overall process and explaining SofTest Usage and Features! (Link When Available)
  • Our Support Website has been completely re-designed to assist you with any questions or problems you may have with an extensive Knowledge Base, Help and Training Videos, and Live Chat!
  • SofTest is now available natively for Mac OS and Windows both!
Additional information is available at your Custom Home Page or


The Utah Supreme Court has Approved a New Mandatory Mentoring Program for New Lawyers

The Utah Supreme Court has approved a New Lawyer Training Program ("NLTP"). More detailed information is posted on the Bar's website

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