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Welcome to The Utah State Bar Casemaker Service

Casemaker+ User Guide

Casemaker will be implementing a newly designed user interface, search engine and personalized account management service for the Casemaker legal research system. If you have any questions or comments on this upgrade please contact us at



What is Casemaker?

Casemaker is a legal research service that provides unlimited access at no charge to all active and inactive full service members of the Utah State Bar.

Casemaker includes services that drive the legal research industry. By working closely with bar associations, Casemaker has taken the lead in creating tools which are fast, easy to use, and reliable.

Login to Casemaker - Casemaker login will take you to transition page where you may change your password or continue on to Casemaker. Your first successful login will create a new page with an End User License Agreement. Once you have agreed to the EULA, you will have access to the complete Casemaker system.

Casemaker Overview

Comprehensive, accurate, and timely Internet legal research is available through the Casemaker Web Library. This powerful Internet law library provides members of the Utah State Bar with free access to the legal research materials to serve clients.

The Casemaker Web Library provides a comprehensive search engine system with many of the features that you have come to expect from online legal research.

  • Search Logic - You can connect key words and phrases using the Casemaker Web Library's search logic. This search logic allows you to narrow your search so that you get the results that most closely fit with the issue you are researching.

  • Natural Language - Simply type your question containing the key words into the basic search query box and the search engine will use its own intelligence to find the results that match the terms in your query.

  • Database Fields - Using the advanced search screen template, you can enter specific information into fields such as citation, date, attorney, and more. Utilizing the fields will allow you to find specific information very quickly.

Casemaker Requirements - The only requirement of access is that you are an active or inactive full member of the Utah State Bar and that you have a current email address on file. If you do not have an email on file with us please visit the following online form to update your membership record:

Casemaker Assistance - Casemaker support is managed by the Utah State Bar using email . Please email any questions, comments or concerns to

Live Casemaker Training - Casemaker training is a CLE program that is held several times per year but is also available to your Bar section or committee. Visit the CLE calendar page for scheduled Casemaker events or contact the Utah State Bar at for more information on scheduling this training for your group.

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