2013 Utah State Bar Spring Convention

Friday Keynote
Breakout A -
eDiscovery Under the New Civil Rules
Breakout B -
Current Trends in the Title Industry that Real Property Practitioners Need to Know
Breakout C -
Negotiation Skills for Lawyers: Understanding Tactics, Process &
Breakout D -
Bankruptcy Basics for the Non-Bankruptcy Lawyer

Breakout E -
The Long Game: Recruiting and Retaining Women
Breakout F -
URCrP 404b
Breakout G -
What t
he Appellate Rules Won’t Tell You, But You Need to Know

Breakout H -
Fundamentals of Franchise and Business Laws: How to Avoid Creating an Inadvertent Franchise or Business Opportunity

Breakout I -
Social Media in the

Breakout J -
Lake Powell: Planning for the Future


Breakout K -
Probate 101
Breakout L -
Using Evidence Based Practices
to Obtain the Best Results for Criminal Defense Clients

Lunch Presentation -
Legislative Update
Breakout M -
Point - Counter - Point: Current Developments in Government Surveillance

  • US v. Jones
Breakout N -
Hanging Your Shingle: What You Need vs. What You Want - Technology for the Law Office

e-Filing Demonstration  
Saturday Keynote -
Why You Should Never Emulate TV Lawyers
Breakout O -
Challenges of a High Profile Case: Ethics, the Media, and Seating a Fair Jury – Looking Back at State v.
Warren Jeffs

Breakout P -
The Ethics of Legal Marketing
Breakout Q -
The New JOBS Act with Recent

Breakout R -
Civility Comes up More Often Than You Think


Breakout S -
Nuts and Bolts – Family Law Procedure and Best Practices

Breakout T -
Practicing Law in Southern Utah Courts
Breakout U -
Some Matters American Jurisprudece Should Know About the Socio-Cultural Practice & English Proficiency of Linguistic Minorities

Breakout V -
Copyright Litigation: Applying Fundamentals to 21st Century Technologies

Breakout W -
Beating the Statistical Odds of Depression in the Legal Profession

Breakout X -
Exploitation of the Elderly

Film Presentation -
"Hot Coffee"