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Utah State Bar Past Presidents is moving! The Utah State Bar Website will be moving to a new home this spring. The open house starts March 15, 2003. Come see it at and update your bookmarks. We hope to go live on Monday April 1st, 2013

1931 Dean F. Brayton 1971-72 Burton H. Harris
1932 William M. McCrea 1972-73 J. Robert Bullock
1933 M.B. Pope 1973-74 LaVar E. Stark
1934 Samuel C. Powell 1974-75 Joseph Novak
1935 Allen S. Tingey 1975-76 Harold G. Christensen
1936 Frank A. Johnson 1976-77 Clyde C. Patterson
1937 Royal J. Douglas 1977-78 James B. Lee
1938 W. G. Van Cott 1978-79 John C. Beaslin
1939 LeRoy B. Young 1979-80 W. Eugene Hansen
1940 Burton W. Musser 1980-81 Carman E. Kipp
1941 E. A. Rogers 1981-82 Duane A. Frandsen
1942-44 Joseph E. Nelson 1982-83 O. Wood Moyle III
1944-45 Melvin C. Harris 1983-84 Stephen H. Anderson
1945-46 Orval Hafen 1984-85 Brian R. Florence
1946-47 George H. Lowe 1985-86 Norman S. Johnson
1947-48 Bryan P. Leveirch 1986-87 Bert L. Dart
1948-49 Carvel Mattsson 1987-88 Reed L. Martineau
1949-50 Walter G. Mann 1988-89 Kent M. Kasting
1950-51 David L. Stein 1989-90 Hans Q. Chamberlain
1951-52 A. Sherman Christensen 1990-91 Pamela T. Greenwood
1952-53 Elliott W. Evans 1991-92 James Z. Davis
1953-54 Henry Ruggeri 1992-93 Randy L. Dryer
1954-55 Dallas H. Young 1993-94 H. James "Jim" Clegg
1955-56 Ray S. McCarty 1994-95 Paul T. Moxley
1956-57 A. H. Nebeker 1995-96 Dennis V. Haslam
1957-58 James P. McCune 1996-97 Steven M. Kaufman
1958-59 Ira A. Huggins 1997-98 Charlotte L. Miller
1959-60 A. Pratt Kesler 1998-99 James C. Jenkins
1960-61 George S. Ballif 1999-00 Charles R. Brown
1961-62 Rex J. Hanson 2000-01 David O. Nuffer
1962-63 James E. Faust 2001-02 Scott Daniels
1963-64 A. Thorpe Waddingham 2002-03 John A. Adams
1964-65 Charles E. Welch 2003-04 Debra J. Moore
1965-66 Ray R. Christensen 2004-05 N. George Daines
1966-67 Cullen Y. Christensen 2005-06 David R. Bird
1967-68 Davis S. Kunz 2006-07 Gus Chin
1968-69 Scott M. Matheson 2007-08 V. Lowry Snow
1969-70 Sterline R. Bossard 2008-09 Nathan D. Alder
1970-71 J. Thomas Greene 2009-10 Stephen W. Owens
    2010-11 Rob Jeffs
    2011-12 Rodney S Snow

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