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Information on Rules Of Practice and Regulation, Ethics Advisory Opinions and Bar Policies & Procedures. is moving! The Utah State Bar Website will be moving to a new home this spring. The open house starts March 15, 2003. Come see it at and update your bookmarks. We hope to go live on Monday April 8th, 2013

The Rules Governing the Utah State Bar adopted by the Utah Supreme Court are codified in the Utah Supreme Court Rules of Professional Practice. To go to the official location of the Supreme Court Rules of Professional Practice and the recognized authoritative site for the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct click HERE, or you may use the individual links below.

Supreme Court Rules of Professional Practice (Chapters 13 & 14)

Ethics Advisory Opinions

The Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee ("EAOC") has authority to issue formal written opinions and letter responses to requests for advisory opinions regarding the ethical propriety of professional or personal conduct of Bar members. Its enabling authority is contained in the Utah State Bar Rules Governing The Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee. Its duties, authority and procedures are specifically set forth in Rules of Procedure of the Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee. Requests for opinions may be made by any person with a significant interest in obtaining an advisory opinion on legal ethics. The procedure for making a request for opinion and the required content of the request is set forth in Section III(a) of the Rules of Procedure of the Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee.

Utah State Bar Policies

Policies for the administration of the Utah State Bar and the Utah Law & Justice Center are contained here.

Index of Utah State Bar Policies & Procedures

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Rules, Opinions, & Policies

Rules of Professional Conduct (CH13)

Rules Governing the Utah State Bar (Ch14)

Ethics Advisory Opinions Index

Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee (EAOC)

Rules Governing EAOC

EAOC Rules of Procedure

Utah Bar Licensing Policies

CLE Cancellation Policy

Web Site Usage Policy

Utah Supreme Court's Professionalism Counseling Board - Complaint Process


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