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Commissioner Thomas N. Arnett


1. What judicial districts/counties do you cover?
Third: Salt Lake & Summit

2. Where are your offices located?
Matheson Courthouse

3. What is the telephone number of your scheduling clerk?
Karen Cole 801-238-7029

4. What is the telephone number of your in-court clerk?
Heather Christiansen 801-238-7029

5. Do you have a case manager? If so, what is the process when a case manager is involved?
Lyn McLeod 801-238-7029

6. Do you require that motions be filed before a hearing date is obtained?

7. Do you need courtesy copies of pleadings and exhibits prior to motion hearings? If so, where, how and when do want them delivered?
Yes; at least a day before at W-30, Matheson.

8. Do you accept pleadings/courtesy copies by facsimile?
Only courtesy copies.

9. What are the days and times of your law and motion calendars?
Tuesday through Friday 9:00 and 10:00

10. Do you allow stipulated matters to be heard before those that require argument?

11. How much time do you allot for each case on your law and motion calendar?
15/20 minutes w/exceptions.

12. At hearings, how do you feel about requests to pass on cases so that settlement discussion can occur outside the courtroom?
I encourage it.

13. Under what circumstances, if any, do you conduct formal evidentiary hearings?

14. What are your views about how much leeway should be afforded to pro se litigants.
Some leeway but must follow URCP.

15. On what days and times do you hear requests for protective orders?
Monday 9:00 and 10:00.

16. How much time do you allot for hearing on each protective order case?
15 minutes.

17. What is your procedure regarding contested motions to continue hearings/conferences?
Must be argues at hearing unless counsel has a genuine conflict and files a motion to continue.

18. How do you conduct pretrial settlement conferences, and how do you view your role during PTCs?
Limited role – I have no mediation skills.

19. How much time do you allot for pretrial settlement conferences?
15 minutes but unlimited negotiation time.

20. What are your views regarding mediation and other private dispute resolution vs. judicial intervention in domestic matters.
Strongly favor ADR if at all possible.

21. What are your views on the use of special masters in domestic cases?
Rule 53(c) URCP simply does not apply to domestic matters. See Rule 4-509 UCJA.

22. Do you set time limits on bringing motions for custody evaluations? If so, what time criteria do you consider?
No specific time limit but disfavor late in the game.

23. Do you require that the parties mediate before entertaining motions for custody evaluations?

24. Do your clerks generate orders appointing custody evaluators?

25. How do you handle Rule 4-903 custody evaluation settlement conferences, and how do you view your role during 4-903 CESCs?
I ask that counsel bring a mediator to the CESC.

26. What is your best general advice for attorneys and parties appearing before you?
Please appreciate that I have done my best to read your pleadings in advance.

27. What are the most common problems you see in pleadings?
Failure to include a specific prayer for relief.

28. What are the most common problems you see with proposed orders?
No common problems.

29. Do you have any special concerns not specifically addressed by these questions?
Live by the Utah Standards of Professionalism and Civility.


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