Welcome to the 2012 Utah State Bar Fall Forum in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Materials 2012

Thursday Keynote
Friday Keynote
Breakout A -
Trial Academy 1: The basics of Jury Selection
Materials provided at breakout
Breakout B -
Ethics Survey - Recent Developments
Breakout C -
Developments in Privacy: Why Attorneys Must Be Concerned
Breakout D -
Implicit Biases, Decision Making, and Law
Breakout E -
60 Tips in 60 Minutes
Breakout F -
Trial Academy 2: Exhibits Made Easy
Materials provided at breakout
Breakout G -
Multi-Party Dispute Resolution
Breakout H -
Capturing a Share of Utah's International Business Explosion
Breakout I -
Expanding Police Powers: Three Clear & Present Threats to Civil Liberties in Utah
Breakout J -
Tax & Finance Issues for Solos and Small Firms
Materials provided online after presentation
Breakout K -
Trial Academy 3: Making the Record
Materials provided at breakout
Breakout L -
Client Relations
Breakout M -
The Working Relationship Between In-House and Outside Counsel
Breakout N -
eFiling: The Vendors Speak
Breakout O -
The Less Paper Office
Breakout P -
Trial Academy 4: Motions in Trial & After
Materials provided at breakout
Breakout Q -
Alternative Fee Approaches for Clients of Modest Means
Breakout R -
Reappraising the New Appraisal Rules - the Relationship Between Lenders & Appraisers
Materials provided at breakout
Breakout S -
Relocation & Joint Custody
Breakout T -
Working with .pdf Documents
Breakout U -
The New Rules - Lessons Learned so Far (With Members of the RUles Committee)
Breakout V -
Justice George Sutherland (1862-1942) - The Life, The Work, The Legacy - How His Jurisprudence Affects Economic Regulation Today
Breakout W -
Counseling Small Businesses and Start-ups
Breakout X -
Stream Access Issues and Legal Update
Breakout Y -
Disaster Proofing Your Practice