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Class Room Layout
Luncheon Layout
1 Room 32 Seats 1 Room 30
2 Rooms 64 Seats 2 Rooms 50
3 Rooms 96 Seats 3 Rooms 75
4 Rooms 128(Maximum) 4 Rooms 100(Maximum)*
*ULJC provides oblong (5' x 2') tables or rounds to seat 8.

Hollow Square Layout
1 Room 50 Seats 1 Room 20
2 Rooms 120 Seats 2 Rooms 44(Maximum)
3 Rooms 180 Seats    
4 Rooms 240(Maximum)    
    • Other unique set-ups may be requested, but must be approved one week in advance to accommodate for coordinating with the other spaces and equipment reserved.
    • Meeting rooms A, B, C and D open to one large room on the main floor(2nd level).
    • Meeting rooms E, F and G open to one large room on the upper floor(3rd level).
    • The Board Room is also available for meetings. The Board Room is a room with a large oval mahogany table that seats 20 comfortably, along with plush furniture around the perimeter. This room is not as readily available as the other meeting rooms and bar-sponsored programs and/or meetings have the right of reservation.

The room rates for Bar Usage, Non-Profit Usage, and Commercial Usage are listed on the LJC Rates Page. The policies and procedures of the Law & Justice Center are located on the LJC Policies Page. For more information or inquiry of dates available, please contact the Law & Justice Center Coordinator, Ronna Leyba at:
Phone: 297-7030 - FAX (801) 531-0660

Effective 2009

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